February 26, 2014

Video Interview ✰ "I, Frankenstein"

Not too often do I get to create an exclusive integrated video for a website (and not television). Especially when cooperating with a multi-million dollar budget blockbuster. Luckily, I got a chance to do it for Ynet.co.il with the help of the new action film "I, Frankenstein".

The core part of making the video was interviewing the cast of the film, headed by Aaron Eckhart and Yvonne Strahovski, at the swanky Ritz-Caralton hotel in NYC's Battery park.


I'm not sure that it's visible just how much fun I had during these interviews (especially since much of the more sassy footage was left on the cutting room floor). It was a blast. Honestly, it's pretty funny to try and discuss seriously a film that's based around the WTF idea of giving Mary Shelley's Frankenstein a makeover, turning him into.. a hunky superhero.

Yeah, some scenes are pretty impressive visually, but story-wise? it's.. well.. ridiculous. How bad? Let's just say that when I watched it, the crowd in the theater couldn't stop laughing, hardcore, Unfortunately always during scenes that were meant to be serious / smart. Awkward.

Eckhart, aka shirtless "Adam" (that's the film's new hip name for Victor Frankenstein's creation) tried discussing the "depth" of his character. Strahovski, aka a way-too-young scientist of... Something, attempted to analyze the "dramatic" relationship between her character and Frankie, ah.. Adam. They obviously failed. It was clear to EVERYONE in the room, including even the flowers on the table, that there are no depth, drama or even common sense behind this thing. And that's what made these interviews so funny. Nothing like attempting to explore issues like "Frankenstein as a sex symbol - Yay or Nay" while trying to keep a straight face :)

Here is the link to my original article + video interviews with the stars of "I, Frankenstein"

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