February 17, 2014

Interview ★ Julianne Moore

I think actress Julianne Moore is gorgeous. She is also very talented, most of the times (my personal favorite is her portrayal of Sarah Palin on "Game Change").

The reason I say "most of the times" is because that like every other human being, Moore has her off moments as well. Especially, when there's no good director around to stop her from crying hysterically and being too emotional (her signature style).

Well, apparently Moore doesn't like to joke about it. In fact, she almost tore my head off during an interview for "Pnai Plus" magazine when I asked her why she likes so much to play women in distress. Hmm, she didn't take it well and will therefore forever be remembered as one of the celebrities who almost killed me during an interview. There are more, of course. Love it.

- My interview with Julianne Moore (Pnai Plus magazine / Ynet)


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