October 1, 2013

Waiting for Obama ✯ The United Nations General Assembly 2013

It's been a busy week here at the Diamond residence. Dima and I weren't very productive (we were celebrating Sukkot, after all!) but we did participate passively in the intense, crowded and overall ecstatic festivities known as "The United Nations General Assembly", which some fondly (?) call the UNGA, though I prefer the sexy nick "The G-Ass".

You can read all about the G-Ass events here. What I add is is that since The UN and moi share a block, my street was barricaded like the Pentagon, including about a zillion police men/women/not-gender-associated that patrolled the area or blocked anyone from entering (I had to present an id to go to my place, which obvs I always forgot to carry).

Mix into this hot mess diplomatic peeps from 192 GA countries, mega demonstrations around the clock (the Egyptians and Syrians won my annual "Loud-and-Proud" award for bringing down the house), journalists, tourists, this dude below... you get the picture.

I'm not complaining (no?) but I do have to say that I believe the G-Ass is a pretty useless ordeal. It always reminds me of a Bar Mitzvah or a Sweet sixteen party: everyone knows that we're here to celebrate the beginning of... Something, but in reality it boils down to a group of unattractive puberty-challenged adults (who don't fully master the art of tie-tyingwasting time, money and energy by listening to who-cares speeches, posing for embarrassing sweaty group photos and plotting how to get the most out of the free food situation. Am I right or am I right?

At least we had Obama coming in on Tuesday (Sept. 24). he always know how to bring the ★, it felt like Britney popped in. I do wish that next time he will stop at my place for some scones dipped in gossips, it will be super for sure.

What a mensch!
What a mensch!

To conclude, here a few more pics that I've snapped during the apocalypse (taken from Nimdvir Instagram).  See you next year, worldly friends! 

✫ ★ ✫

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