June 7, 2013

Set Visit ✯ Behind the Scenes of the Musical TV Show "SMASH"

There's no justice in the world! Until I find a real shiny, happy, trashy and sweet guilty pleasure - the musical show "Smash" - a bunch of TV executives decided to cancel it. Without asking me. So rude!

I love, I mean "loved", "Smash". It wasn't the smartest kid on the block but it was pretty, fun and with good intentions. Enough to win my heart.

smash brooklyn nim dvir

Luckily, before it got canceled I got a chance to visit the set of the second season, located in Brooklyn, and to have a bubbly interview with its two main stars - Katharine McPhee and Megan Hilty.

Here is the "Ynet" interview with the two gorgeous ladies. I don't usually loose my cool but Katharine McPhee took my breath away. She is so talented! hope "Smash" is just the beginning of her career.

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