October 2, 2012

Goodbye Summer

It's getting cold out. 

Martha has already prepared her (million) homes for Autumn, so time that I'll do the same. I've uploaded the photos from my summer ending to Facebook (the full album is here).

Some of the highlights: 

- My nightly visit to the set of "Girls" (one of the fun nights ever. I adore this show)

- Dima's surgery (luckily the results were good)

- Taking a ferry to a nude beach in Jersey (yep, I took it all off)

overall, had a nice time. And it doesn't even show how hot and humid it really was :)

That's it, I'm ready for the cold season!

1 comment:

שיקסע said...

אני לתומי חשבתי שהיי לייט של הקיץ הייתה החתונה שלי!!
סתם, סתם ;)
באמת נראה קיץ מדהים, ושיהיה סתיו (וחורף) שמח לך ולדימדימון. נשיקות!! !

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