May 25, 2012

Going Viral ★ Sacha Baron Cohen


A few weeks ago, I had some crazy times thanks to Sacha Baron Cohen, or as he is known now by his alter ago, "The Dictator״.

I met Cohen at a press conference he held as the notorious dictator in the "Waldorf Astoria" hotel in New York City. After lots of gimmicks (Cohen entered with an armed entourage of beautiful female bodyguards, a fake demonstration in his honor was held), Cohen took questions from the many journalists in the room. The problem was that it was all planned! Everything was scripted.

Luckily, at the very end of the press conference I got to grab the microphone, very last secondly. And then

this happened: (there are other angles of the incident)

It was funny, but at the time I couldn't imagine the global attention it exploded to. There were items about our "sexual" rendezvous everywhere, like this one on "Entertainment Weekly״ (it's in the headline!) Or "New York Magazine" Or the Israeli Ynet that even put our pictures (love you, Ynet). It was also on E! News, Playboy and everywhere.


Crazy! I have to say that it was of the more exciting weeks of my life and made me admit proud and loudly that (little) good fame and publicity are fun things.


The full article (plus video) as was brodcasted on "Erev Tov with Guy Pines")


Entertainment Weekly giving respect


I Love New York Magazine


Ynet publishes pictures too


My brother's ("Varig in London") take on it


And the Dictator? He didn't call, but he did send me a gold watch, like a true old school leader. No joke.

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