July 10, 2010

Robyn is a dancing queen

this blog is becoming a shrine to all my favorite ladies.
and here is another one, Robyn, a pop candy from Sweden.
this is an interview I've conducted with the lady.
she is chic!

btw, her songs are pretty sad, i think. in a trashy way, of course.
good week diamonds


שיקסע said...

מהממת! השיר שלה באמת עצוב :(

Elena said...

Hey Nimrod,

I would love to read your interview with Robyn. Could you translate it in English and post it somewhere, so i can put the link up on my twitter as well @robynbodytalkin

nyc fashion said...

אני מתה עליה, היא כל כך מוכשרת ויש לה סטייל אדיר.

Anonymous said...

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