May 4, 2009


when i was in NYC i took a graphic design class.
i've looked through my docs and found some stuff i did there.
think i forgot how much fun it was making them.

this is a banner for the letter "G".

gold, glamorous, grandma... all the good words are in "G" :)

bullshit :) this is supposed to be "me" in a collage :)

why is it blue?! it's red in the original copy...

do you like?


Kalba said...

נמרוד תעשה קטלוג לקלבה!

Nimrod Dvir said...

קלבה, יש לך מושג איך אני עושה שהתמונות יקפצו כשלוחצים עליהן? לא עובד לי משום מה...

Debra Diamond said...

מהמם, אני רוצה פוסטר!

מ.מ.ו said...

וואו, איזה מהמם! אתה כל כך מוכשר!

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