February 17, 2009

Ladies night

ok, after Zohar Vagner i thought we need some normal girls on here.

and whats more normal than the Russion version of "Pussycat Dolls", one of my favorite bands in whole wide world?!

so here are the Sexy Cowgirls -


and here are more funny trashy ladies, the awesome Japanese band "Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re". they are like "Sugababes". just crazy, and Japanese.

are you in love? (my favorite part is at 00:53)

kiss kiss diamonds


MMW (you know who you are) - you owe me a drink! :)


Kalba said...

אני לא יודעת מה מעיין חייבת לך..אבל אתה חייב לי 100 ש"ח..

Anonymous said...

מרגיש כמו אירויזיון

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