February 4, 2009

Gaga does it again...

she's so trashy, even too much for me.
i mean, the potential is there - she likes diamonds and all - but something is just off... what do you think?

---- update

ok, heard it a few more times. LOVE it.
good night diamonds.


Anonymous said...

Poker face :-)))))
amazing song

... said...

i love her

Kalba said...

nimrod..i dont know what to tell you...im the trashiest thing alive you know that, but still, there is just something fake about her..i mean she looks like the kind of bimbo girl who used to make fun on gays in highschool. but now, because it is cool to blur your gender, shes going for it. i just cant buy what she is selling..its like the lame kate perry..

Unknown said...

I agree with u.

1. she is obviously fake. you can see on her face (and from her bio, in fact) that she's not real

2. she is a lame Katy Perry

3. she's trying so hard it hurts

4. and still, this song is half way decent. gaga is still annoying.

שיקסע said...

אני אוהבת אותה ממש :) מה זה השטויות האלה? היא ממש לא חיקוי של קייטי פרי!

Kalba said...

גם היא וגם קייטי פרי הן חיקוי של לילי אלן גברת וינטר!!

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